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Anonymous Frog Day, Unanswered Lore, More Shorts

Posted by Anonymous-Frog - December 4th, 2020

Hi. I am the anonymous frog. And in one month, Anonymous Frog will officially be celebrating its 1 year anniversary.

Anonymous Frog was originally created on January 5th 2020 for a now-defunct video sharing platform, but has since moved to YouTube and later Newgrounds. I'd like to celebrate this special occasion by showing you everything I'm currently working on this year.

The Anonymous Frog canon

All my videos, either on YouTube or Newgrounds follow one long story that spans over twenty years and counting, intertwining many references to other content and connecting it all into a single canonical universe. This includes the original series, shorts, and other Anonymous Frog projects. Just something to remind you all of.

Upcoming Videos and Projects

Just some things to keep you hyped.

Anonymous Frog Season 3 Episode 6

The final episode of Anonymous Frog Season 3. Although it won't be very long, it will focus on a big showdown between the Frog and Dr Moles.

Runtime: Between 3 and 5 minutes, could last longer.

Release date: Late December, possibly Christmas.

Newgrounds Survival Guide Volume 21

An Anonymous Frog short focusing on how you can survive being an animator on Newgrounds in the present day. Don't take it seriously!

Release date: January 1st 2021.

Anonymous Frog Day Collab

Might want to do something special on January 5th, probably collaborate with other animators.

If you want to apply to said collaboration, either as an animator, voice actor, or writer, join my Discord. I'll discuss the details later. https://discord.gg/xATcMtqKZr.

Release date: January 5th 2020

Anonymous Frog Season 1 Remake.

I'd like to get all three of the above done first before I continue progress on remaking all ten Anonymous Frog episodes, either as a standalone feature-length or as separate episodes

Runtime: Around 1 hour, give or take a few minutes.

Release date: TBD 2021

Anonymous Frog Game

Finally got the hang of the new development tools and currently in the process of drawing all the backgrounds.

Release date: Definitely not 2020, and probably not 2021. We got a CODE 2.0.77 on our hands!

Other News

After all this time, I FINALLY caught up with the rest of the Newgrounds community and got Flash, which doesn't mean much anymore considering a: it's an older version, and b: Flash is being discontinued at the end of the year.

Stay safe and happy Anonymous Frog Day!