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Anonymous-Frog's News

Posted by Anonymous-Frog - 8 hours ago

Just updating all of you. I've posted this update on my Clock account as that one lets me put it on the front page. I'd like to keep this one clean. Do follow me on there as well.


TL;DR. No Halloween animations, working on sequel to Iceologer's Revenge


Posted by Anonymous-Frog - 1 month ago


Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 31st, 2021

Anonymous Frog S4E3 Progress + Details

Correct as of September 17th 2021

Name: Madness Evacuation

Description: Mistaken for notorious assassin Hank J Wimbleton, Dr. Moles must escape from top secret facility Area 15.

Total runtime: 4 minutes 35 seconds

100% complete and scheduled for September 22nd (Madness Day)



Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 29th, 2021

I have a Scratch account. Go follow me on there.


So far I only have 3 projects on there, including SteakClock in the Desert.

Also on there is Eggpocalypse X, a revamped version of @jastheman’s Eggpocalypse from the July Jam which adds keyboard controls, code optimisations, an optional bonus level before the boss, and changes the way everything else works.

I also did a pixel editing program that can export and import bitmap based images.

Also in the works is a Madness game exclusive to Scratch. Pay attention to when that comes out.

That’s all.



Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 22nd, 2021

Right now two songs I composed for my game Little Hatchet are available on YouTube. I’m currently going to rest until I get the rest on there as well. Go check them out to boost their view count.

Like and subscribe and comment on my flies and all that.

Eggsperience: https://youtu.be/eTiXAYBl4uk





Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 20th, 2021

Hi. It’s been 1 year since I made this account on here and already I had learned so much from the wonderful site of Newgrounds.

First, all the classics. There was Pico, Madness, Henry Stickmin, Blockhead, the Clock Crew, a red Yoshi in a hat from a certain failed pilot show, and whatever is in the Obituaries, all that kind. I watched it all and enjoyed it.

But then there’s the bad stuff. Newgrounds is far from perfect. There’s still a lot of less than stellar users on here with notoriety.

First: Doobus Goobus. I’ve heard about how many years ago, a user called illwillpress (of Foamy fame) got so much attention from posting so much of little variety and of a lesser animation quality. Doobus is basically a more extreme case. The whole reason I started a spiritual successor to the UCFD called NMDC.

Next, someone far more sinister: Cameron ‘Darth Coniurationis’ Taylor aka ninjamuffin99 aka the Newgrounds PewDiePie aka the developer of Friday Night Funkin’.

Just recently I was in a conversation about how he has gone corrupt with money and power, which he had gained through FNF itself and its $2 million Kickstarter campaign. How about you quit wasting time trying to spam the hivemind into worshiping dinosaurs from cancelled shows and start doing some real work!

You’re causing harm towards the Clock Crew and people who supported you, me and guys with BPD, and pretty much all of Newgrounds who aren’t in your little circle, which isn’t so little since you have a large enough following on Newgrounds alone to get your way. You don’t need Twitter, you made a new Twitter: Newgrounds!

Thanks for reading through my PSA on how to protect your mental health from certain people.

PS: I’d definitely pirate the Full Ass Game when it comes out.



Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 16th, 2021


Also quick notice:


You see all these 'IGNORE' comments? That means you KNOW I'm approving them



Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 15th, 2021

Happy Clock Day everyone!

I present to you everything that I worked on for this Clock Day, spanning approximately 1 hour across the entirety of Newgrounds.

Frog Flood: The Movie: A 30 minute film adaptation of the Flash Flood series with additional scenes in between to tie up certain plot points.

SteakClock in the Desert. A Scratch game where you play as SteakClock and you must shoot attackers. May or may not tie into Frog Flood lore.

4 Audio submissions:

Salty Revenge. A new song composed for Frog Flood: The Movie

The SteakClock in the Desert soundtrack:

New banners for all four of my clock alts.

Wrote some of the Tank Tribune's Clock Day Special

@DeleteClock makes an appearance in Clocks of the BBS 2021

All that's left is to leave a lot of positive reviews on everyone else's submissions and that's everything by everyone right here!

UPDATE: The collab ‘VILLAINS’ just released and I did a part in it.

I also composed an original song for it



Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 15th, 2021

Better get a head-start on Clock Day



Posted by Anonymous-Frog - August 14th, 2021

Quick update: All Clock Day submissions I plan to release are 100% complete, including my game SteakClock in the Desert.

What is SteakClock in the Desert? It's a game where as SteakClock, it's an arcade styled beat-em-up (if you can call it that) where you shoot at other clocks in search for water. Also BB10 (@chris-the-stick) voices himself as the main antagonist.

No it's not made in Flash. I wouldn't have enough time to finish it. Instead, it is made with Scratch (it will be released on the Scratch site as well.)