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This review is dedicated specifically to the animation/visuals.

The characters are simple, yet cute and expressive.

The first-person scene from 0:08 to 0:16 was done frame by frame to emulate 3D. I bet that was difficult to do, but it was done using only outlines and looks really rough.

In frames 88-89, the mother switches poses without any in-betweens. She was holding a spoon in the former and not holding it in the latter. Where did it go?

She also lacks lip-syncing, which is a good way to indicate if a user is talking.

Outlines are really rough. It's not that noticeable to the human eye when the frame is only visible for 1-2 frames, ie. the baby crawling under the fridge, but people WILL notice it if you stay on that frame for a lot longer, ie. the mother looking at the baby crawl under the fridge.
I recommend you attempt to fix these outlines after you've drawn them.


This is a really simple animation. So simple, I bet I can teach a few beginners how to recreate this.

No, seriously!

Step 1: Draw the girl looking up
Step 2: Redraw about 3 more frames with the hair / clothes distorted in the direction of the wind (which is right in her face), but keep the face still.
Step 3: Every frame switch between these alternate drawings.
Step 4: At random intervals, change the brightness
Step 5: Speed up a video of some clouds and paste that on the background.
Step 6: Steal some music from a SNES game and use that.

Lesson over.

I can see a lot of corners were cut in order to achieve even 50 minutes of animation. Characters are usually only shown from the waist up, barely move aside from their eyes and mouth. They're also never use any additional poses. This results in you being able to push this out quicker, but it comes at the cost of quality. About 60-70% of this animation is just talking heads and the rest still don't even animate that well, such as in 16:57, to give an example. Look at how the protagonist jumps. Does it look very janky to you?

I can't comment much on the writing + dialogue, since it's in Portuguese, but thankfully there's subtitles.

- 10 minutes is more time than you'll ever need here, so aim for that.
- Try to actually make your characters move.
- Don't reuse the same pose in 20 different scenes.
- I've also noticed an inconsistent outline thickness. If I had to guess it's because the smoothness is set too high. Set it to 40-45


TheMiamiSpellcaster responds:

thanks homie, really appreciate it

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I know you came here from the ad!

Can't comment much on this. After watching an intro without sound, and spending a couple minutes clicking through an unskippable tutorial do I realise that this has that free-to-play bullshit mobile games use. And I have to sign in to play more. Sure this is a porn game, but even porn games have to have standards!

Also, even though the artwork's pretty good, it's not a redeeming factor.

Please turn down your volume when playing this. The sound, which is a Minecraft parody song, is really loud and crispy. It's almost like you tried to create the worst sounding audio possible. You came close.

It doesn't even try.

The game is also extremely broken. Your racer moves really fast, as in "it goes from one side of the screen to the end in two frames" fast, making it impossible to clear a lap on either of the two tracks, and even if I do clear it, it is counted multiple times per pass. That's really shoddy programming.

Your character moves too fast, laps don't work, and audio is impossible to listen to. Not even ZabuJard would make these mistakes. If the entire joke / premise is that it's this shit, then I wouldn't be that surprised.


Ploxyy responds:

ngl i think your just mad cause you cant beat the first track

This has a whole new meaning nowadays.

biterr responds:

Yea, this game predicted future.

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That's one high quality rip!

You might want to watch this for reference.

Dj-XheCtoR responds:

What this???? If you dont know dont post anything here!

There’s still no song here. Where is it?

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You really Definitely need to work on your shading, to me this almost looks very amateurish and inconsistent.

I guess from a distance it doesn’t look too bad, but once you pay attention to the details you’ll find an over reliance on pillow shading.

You can find plenty of tutorials that should help understand this subject. This one below is just one of them.

Fahad-Lami responds:

I know what I'm doing 😏

My eyes suffer more just looking at the bloody thing. Maybe tone down on the contrast.

Dakattack responds:

Damn… making viewers suffer as well!

I seriously do not know how this image was created. Was this a pre-existing image you applied a filter onto? A 3D model? Who knows. It doesn't look too bad though, despite the heavy pixelation.

Dakattack responds:

All I remember is a few heavy drinks, I went to make myself a sandwich, and I woke up the next morning and this was created lol.

The real April Fool's joke is how I never bothered to change this page layout on time!
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